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Logistics in Belgium

In this section were collected reports and articles on the logistics industry in Belgium. Topics include are: the location, organization and structure of the logistics industry, the market situation, ... etc.

If you see interesting publications, please forward them to the Secretariat of the UPBIF so that we can keep this section updated.



Belgium scores better in terms of logistics efficiency

Belgium is at the ninth place in the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) of the World. In the first edition of 2007 our country was still on the twelfth place.

Logistic ranking The LPI measures the efficiency of logistics in 155 countries based on six criteria, which get a score from 1 to 5. As our country is concerned, customs procedures can be improved.  Also in terms of competitive pricing there is still a possibility for improvement.

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The report in PDF format : Trade logistics in de global economy - 2016.pdf