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Risc Management

In this section were collected reports and articles on crisis management in the logistics sector. Topics included are : Resilience, Business Continuity Management, learn lessons from logistic distorsions , ... etc..

If you see interesting publications, please forward them to the Secretariat of the BVBVK/UPBIF so that we can keep this section updated.


Calamity Assistance Statement of Intent

At the annual meeting of 22.02.2010 the members of BVBVK/UPBIF confirmed the following:

"As part of his/her membership to the Belgian Cold Storage Industry Trade Association, a member declares their tacit intention to place all reasonable resources, and moreover, all necessary and available services (paid or unpaid) at the disposal of a BVBVK affiliated (frozen) coldstore that may have been affected by a serious calamity which is threatening business continuity of the company.
Business continuity may be defined as ‘the processes, procedures, decisions and activities that ensure the affected business remains operational during such an interruption’.
As such, no single enforceable right or legal obligation arises for the BVBVK member from this statement of intent; for this a reciprocal agreement is required.
In other words, business continuity necessitates proactive and reactive planning between the parties, as well as an agreement on the measures to be met in assisting an affected company to limit the consequences of a calamity, and to rapidly restore usual business practices."


Calamity Assistance Statement of Intent.pdf (pdf, 40 KB)