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06-10-2022 Cold store now paying nearly half a million a month to keep onions and chicory cool

 Read: https://www.omroepflevoland.nl/nieuws/304119/koelhuis-betaalt-nu-bijna-half-miljoen-per-maand-om-de-uien-en-witlof-koel-te-houden

05-10-2022 NEKOVRI - Intervention for refrigeration and freezing industry comes too slowly.

 Read: Compensation for energy-intensive SMEs announced + Targeted support for energy-intensive SMEs with TEK scheme

03-10-2022 Dutch cold stores association poll its members regarding new measure to cover energy costs

 Due to high power prices, energy suppliers charge cold stores high deposits in fruits and vegetables. High refrigeration costs are going to hit sales.

The umbrella organisation for cold stores and freezers Nekovri is polling its members on how energy companies are making demands for advance deposits of millions of euros for increased energy contracts.
Read the full message : https://www.gfactueel.nl/voorfinancieren-energiekosten-raakt-fruitketen/

22-09-2022 Refrigeration and freezing sector is in a chokehold

 Portable Document Format (PDF) koel en vriessector zit in wurggreep.pdf (pdf, 934 KB)

15-09-2022 Energy crisis is hurricane for refrigeration sector

 Read : https://www.foodbusiness.nl/bedrijven/artikel/10900609/energiecrisis-is-een-orkaan-voor-voedselketens

09-09-2022 A BVBVK member helps cold stores save energy.

 Portable Document Format (PDF) A BVBVK member helps cold stores save energy.pdf (pdf, 1.68 MB)

06-09-2022 Electricity prices for cold stores jump through the roof

Read more: Stroomprijs koel- en vrieshuizen door het dak (agf.nl)

05-09-2022 Skyrocketing energy prices - Politicians do not feel the urgency

 Read : Nekovri nieuwsbrief 25 - 5 september 2022 

03-09-2022 Pass on increased energy costs, otherwise you will soon be out of business.

 Read : Portable Document Format (PDF) Doorberekenen, anders ben je er straks zelf niet meer.pdf (pdf, 410 KB)

03-09-2022 Refrigeration and freezer companies obliged to pass on increased energy costs

 Read : «Le consommateur devra payer plus»: les prix de ces produits pourraient augmenter de 30 à 50% dans les prochains mois, voici pourquoi! (sudinfo.be)

02-09-2022 Les aliments frais et surgelés vont devenir plus chers en raison de l’explosion des coûts énergétiques

Read here : Portable Document Format (PDF) Les aliments frais et surgelés vont devenir plus chers en raison de l’explosion des coûts énergétiques.pdf (pdf, 203 KB)

01-09-2022 New energy surcharge makes food (even) more expensive.

Portable Document Format (PDF) Nieuwe energietoeslag maakt voeding (nog) duurder - De Standaard - 31 08 2022.pdf (pdf, 1.54 MB)

01-09-2022 Refrigeration and freezing companies want to pass on energy price increases to customers more quickly

Read more and click here.

01-09-2022 Cold stores in heavy weather due to energy costs

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