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Membership benefits

BVBVK/UPBIF member meetings

There is something that requires our attention almost every month. BVBVK/UPBIF holds around six member meetings every year. These meetings are generally free of charge. After or in between meetings, there is also an opportunity to consult with fellow members or speakers and Board members. This makes BVBVK/UPBIF a genuine, living trade organisation where you can pick up non-confidential and practical information.



BVBVK/UPBIF news e-mails

BVBVK/UPBIF members receive free news e-mails depending on what is newsworthy at the time. These news e-mails provide a bond that connects the association to its members. In addition to the diary of forthcoming events, these short, practical snippets feature a whole range of news from the sector, from other associations in Europe and around the world, and discussions about trade literature.



Basic training

Basic training courses are developed and adjusted according to needs and requests from members. ‘Ongoing refresher education’ is the motto. The courses are aimed at all job levels within the sector, including managers. If required, courses can be structured in modules. Course prices vary according to the time required.




Our website at http://www.bvbvk.be went online at the beginning of 2009. A “Members-only site” is linked to the main website, where you will find a forum enabling you to post questions and/or thoughts, or answer questions from other members. There is also a page of interesting links and a download page for the electronic news e-mails and presentations made by speakers at member meetings.



Seminars, conferences and workshops

BVBVK/UPBIF keeps a close eye on new developments in the industry and, when appropriate, holds conferences and seminars to respond to them. These gatherings are state-of-the-art affairs and bring together experts and practical testimonials on stage. Members receive a discount of at least 10 to 20% to attend these events. Sometimes BVBVK/UPBIF also seeks alliances to develop international events. Members receive discounts for these events, too.



Our range of trade literature

BVBVK/UPBIF assists its members with recent new publications that can be ordered through the central BVBVK/UPBIF office. In general terms, good trade literature is very difficult to obtain from the average newsagent or bookstore. Significant discounts are also available for members.
Favourable rates also apply to subscriptions for various periodicals and magazines. These include:
  • Inkoop & Logistiek
  • Technisch Management
  • Facility Management
  • Transport en logistiek
  • International Journal for Purchasing
  • The European Purchasing Journal
  • Beschaffung Aktuell
  • CPO- Agenda
  • and many others.




If you are looking for tailored legal, social, economic or environment advice, etc. our helpdesk is always available to answer your questions immediately. BVBVK/UPBIF has a very extensive knowledge bank containing information and the wording of various laws covering a very wide range of subjects.