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BVBVK/UPBIF aims to promote the professional interests of all business people in positions relating to the logistics and cold storage industry in the broadest sense. BVBVK/UPBIF wishes to create a platform for the development and ongoing information of everyone working as part of the "Supply Chain". This involves managing goods flows throughout the entire lifecycle of products.
To achieve this aim, BVBVK/UPBIF works closely with other national and international associations that are active in this area and which are striving towards similar goals.



BVBVK/UPBIF achieves its aims by:
  • organising meetings that promote the exchange of knowledge and experience. Naturally this exchange does not involve disclosing proprietary business information;
  • providing and promoting logistics training;
  • maintaining and expanding national, European and international contacts;
  • encouraging and having research conducted under its own responsibility in areas such as logistics, storage, refrigeration, freezing, energy, sustainability, packaging, transport, etc. in conjunction with colleges and universities;
  • building and expanding a professional network of industry specialists.



BVBVK/UPBIF has the task of:
  • representing the cold storage sector in a professional manner
  • promoting the interests of its members
  • formulating shared viewpoints on topics that affect the entire sector
  • acting as a central communication platform for members
  • interpreting the standpoint of the sector in consultations with government, other industry federations and the social partners.