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BVBVK/UPBIF Energy supplement January 2023

 Below you can find the energy surcharge that has come into effect from today, i.e. the monthly surcharge.

Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK energieprijstoeslag Januari 2023.pdf (pdf, 157 KB)

New general storage conditions for Belgian cold stores

BVBVK has drafted new sectoral storage conditions for cold-storage companies that are in line with the new commitment legislation that became applicable from 1 January 2023. They have also been coordinated with the insurance industry, so there is no problem in terms of interpretation and conditions of application in case of damage.

The folder contains the following documents:

  1. The new terms and conditions in NL, FR, EN and DE;
  2. The custody agreement in NL, FR and EN;
  3. An explanation with advice on the correct use of the new conditions;


  1. The New Civil Code, Part of Contract Law, contains a lot of new but vague provisions.
  2. So the rights and obligations of the parties must be well delineated, otherwise it will cause legal problems.
  3. For general terms and conditions to become applicable, proof of notice is very important. A link to a page on a website has no legal value.
  4. It is highly recommended to add a notice and acceptance clause in the custody agreement + somehow ensure that this agreement is signed or confirmed (e.g. by an email)
  5. If both parties refer to their terms, then one is dealing with a so-called "Battle of Forms" (=conflict). This can only be resolved with a specific procedure. So read the explanation.
  6. To avoid such a situation, it is important to work with a signed custody agreement and an acceptance clause.
  7. Finally, some articles and definitions have been tinkered with here and there, to ensure that within the new legal framework, the rights of the cold store are defended to the maximum extent possible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact BVBVK.

Attention! Please note that these conditions may only be used by cold-storage companies that are members of BVBVK. (Portable Document Format (PDF) I-depot nr.  (pdf, 2.18 MB)Portable Document Format (PDF) 140175 (pdf, 2.18 MB))


Storage conditions:

  1. Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK - Algemene Opslag voorwaarden - januari 2023 - NL.pdf (pdf, 887 KB)
  2. Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK - Conditions Générales de Stockage - Janvier 2023 - FR.pdf (pdf, 858 KB)
  3. Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK - General Storage Conditions - January 2023 - EN.pdf (pdf, 859 KB)
  4. Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK - Allgemeine Lagerbedingungen - Januar 2023 - DE.pdf (pdf, 859 KB)

The model storage contract:

  1. Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK - Model van Bewaarnemingsovereenkomst - Januari 2023 - NL.pdf (pdf, 180 KB)
  2. Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK - Modèle de contrat mise en dépôt - janvier 2023.pdf (pdf, 179 KB)

Note and conditions of use:

  1. Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK - Toelichting en gebruiksaanwijzing - NL.pdf (pdf, 769 KB)
  2. Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK - Note explicative et d utilisation - FR.pdf (pdf, 769 KB)


Press release regarding cost increase 2022

It is common knowledge that costs for Belgian refrigeration and freezing companies, for handling, storing and freezing goods have increased enormously in 2022. This increase is due to the huge increase in electricity tariffs and raw materials used in logistics, e.g. cardboard, plastic packaging materials and pallets.

Since energy prices shot through the roof last year, the BVBVK immediately anticipated this situation by introducing an "energy price surcharge" from the month of February. The purpose of this surcharge was to objectively and transparently justify the increase in cost price due to the spectacular rise in electricity prices.

Within a month and a half, 2022 will be over and therefore the BVBVK Board of Directors considers it opportune to issue a report on the cost increases faced by companies in the refrigeration and freezing sector over the past 10 months.

Attached to this message you will find two press releases regarding these cost increases, t.m.:

1) A notice regarding the cost increase for the companies that applied the energy surcharge in the past period.

2) A notice regarding the cost increase for companies that did not apply the energy surcharge in the previous period.

The BVBK Board



Portable Document Format (PDF) PERSBERICHT (incl energie).pdf (pdf, 204 KB)

Portable Document Format (PDF) PERSBERICHT (excl energie).pdf (pdf, 229 KB)

The BVBVK starts with energy surcharge

Since energy prices shot through the roof last year, the BVBVK has introduced the "energy price surcharge".

This is a calculation based on objective data, namely the Belpex prices that are published daily on the Elexys website, in order to be able to communicate transparently to customers on a monthly or quarterly basis. When average energy prices rise, a surcharge is received; when average energy prices fall, this obviously works the other way round. It is therefore comparable to the diesel surcharge.

Read more : Portable Document Format (PDF) BVBVK-UPBIF energy supplement February 2022.pdf (pdf, 153 KB)



BVBVK/UPBIF - Look behind the scenes

A federation for the cold storage industry is of paramount importance: it's a body of information that acts as interlocutor and spokesperson in collective sensitive issues affecting the future of your industry and your business.

L'Union Belge d'Entrepôts Frigorifiques is not only a central contact point: now, you receive a lot of information without looking it up yourself. In discussions with policy makers on the environmental costs and  food policy , you will find in the Belgian Cold Storage Association a staunch supporter of our industry. Got questions? L'Union Belge d'Entrepôts Frigorifiques (BVBVK/UPBIF) makes every effort to respond to you directly or via its extensive network.