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Info about Food Jobs is a jobsite dedicated to the food and food logistics sector: a meeting point for those who are looking for a job in food and food logistic companies (producers or storehouses) in search of them. started up end 2007 with the active support of Fevia, and now counts some thirty clients, mainly large food processing companies, who display their vacancies on a regulary basis. BVBVK/UPBIF adds an element to this initiative , the logistics service providers of this food companies.

As the key part of the foodjobs concept there is the website; traffic is being built by Stepstone, Google and other online channels. It’s also possible to have an ad in Jobspotter at interesting rates, to advertise on placemats in the AC and Carestel restaurants along the highways etcetera.

In other words: Foodjobs has the ambition to offer its clients one global solution.

After one and a half year, what are the results?

Project Manager Harald De Beuf: “In terms of web traffic and response the results are very encouraging. The labour market needs segmentation and that’s exactly what Foodjobs stands for. A poll among our regular subscribers showed that the response is at its best for typical food and logistic job profies. This makes sense of course, because those who go and search intentionally on a food site are intrinsically interested. Foodjobs also provides its surfers some interesting reading on what working in the food or logistic sector is like. Candidates via are of great quality.”

Foodjobs should be considered when you are looking for a typical food profile and offers the food processing and related companies some interesting employer branding possibilities.

The rate card is, comparing with some other job media, very interesting. A foodjobs advertiser can choose: either he prefers a “slot”, which gives him a permanent presence on; he can refresh his job openings at any time. A slot is the most appropriated solution for companies who have quasi permanently vacancies; it costs 1.800 euros on annual basis (150 euros a month). Either, a company with less needs prefers a “credit” (300 euros for a 4 weeks period).

In other words: Foodjobs is also within reach for SME. If you whish, as BVBVK/UPBIF-member, use this service, than always mention  "BVBVK" in your request.